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Housing Services
Site Selection

Hotel Contract Negotiations
Rate Negotiations
Attrition Management
Exhibitor Block, VIP & Staff Room Block Management
Call Center Support for Reservations via Phone, Fax & Internet
Custom Web Sites with Live Housing Reservations
Client Access 24 Hours a Day to "Real Time" Data and Reports
On-site Housing Management and Master Account Reconciliation
Amenities & Room Drops
Hotel Signage Management

Registration Services

Custom Designed On-line Registration Forms
Call Center Support with Toll Free Telephone Number
Receive, Process and Reconcile Registration Forms and Fees
Create and send participant Confirmation / Cancellation Letters
24 Hour Client Access to All Data and Reports
Manage and Staff On-site Registration

Travel Services
Rental Car Contract Negotiations
Airline Contract Negotiations
Group Cruises

A Full Service Solution for Conference Housing, Registration & Travel